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Manufacturing Excellence

Our products combine top-quality performance with value for money. They are designed specifically for food processing and production by people who know the industry inside out. Great care has gone into their manufacture, giving them a longer life expectancy than many other products on the market. This in turn makes them more cost-effective and an excellent investment for any business.

The majority of our plastic products are moulded from strong, durable moulded polyethylene or polypropylene, all of which are food-grade and easy to clean yet tough enough to withstand a wide range of industrial applications. The exact technical specifications do vary between products so if you require any specific information or just want to know a little more then please get in touch.

All of our rotationally moulded products are available in 12 colours with an extensive colour range also available for sundry items to assist with colour coding to ensure effective segregation. They are also produced in many sizes and work together with a multitude of associated products affording a wide range of solutions.

Often, we supply products that incorporate both plastic and stainless steel, which is where our two manufacturing areas merge to ensure that we have total control of the goods you receive. For example, storage racks with ingredient bins; chassis trucks with tanks; bowls with raised trolleys; and full dispense units incorporating bespoke benches and a wide range of mobile and table-top ingredient dispensers. Our plastic and stainless steel products are designed to work perfectly together.

On this website, you will find a huge range of products for a wide variety of applications. Some of the items are particularly innovative, using revolutionary manufacturing techniques that are exclusive to Food Industry Supplies.